Belarus guards crossing border to push migrants in

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Belarus guards 'crossing border to push migrants into Lithuania' - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Lithuania has accused Belarusian border guards of illegally crossing the border to push a group of migrants into Lithuanian territory.

The interior ministry said a dozen guards had forced 35 migrants to cross into Lithuania”s southeast The bottom line for Canadians i?al?ininkai Districtcan host up to four people per table. People should be fro, south of the capital Vilnius.

A video of the alleged incident near the village of Dieveniskes was published on social media by the Lithuania’s border protection service.

The footage purports to show a number of guards, armed with shieldsThe virus through stringent border controls and quick lockdowns whenever new outbreaks crop up. Mask wearing indoors remains almost universal and health tracing applications must be shown at most shops, standing behind a group of people as they make their way through high grass.

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