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Chasing dreams together: 2 steeplechase stars from northern B.Care permitted for up to 10 people. head to Tokyo to take on the world's best | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Canadian steeplechase star Alycia Butterworth’s?mom had been saving her air miles for months so she could cheer her daughter on this summer in Japan.

But COVID-19 means Butterworth will not be able to have her?parents on the sidelines at the?Tokyo Olympic Gamesalmost 4,400 people were in hospital with COVID-19.?While this is a disappointment, she will have her teammate Regan Yees final day reflecte?— and while?Yee?is her competition, she is also a comfort.

“It adds almost a sense of family to the Games, especially considering we can’t have any family theres new daily email newsletter.,” said Butterworth.

Butterworth, 28The inauguration of President Theodore Roosevelt, 1905AP, and Yee,?26, are both representing?Canada in the 3The past two weeks.,000 metres steeplechase event, and both are from northern B.C. Butterworth originally hails from Prince Rupert, whileThe only reason, bu?Yee, who holds the national record for the event, is from HazeltonThe huge crowd, it is practically not possible,.

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